Bosom Pals is a Bedford based breast cancer support group established in 1994 and is run entirely by volunteers who have all been diagnosed with the disease.  In 2000 the Group was successful in achieving Registered Charity status and in 2005 they were delighted to announce the appointment of Gail Emms, the Bedford born Commonwealth Gold medallist Badminton player, as Patron.

Since the formation of the group, more than 100 ladies have benefited in some way through contact with the Group and on average 20 to 30 members attend monthly meetings. One of the their biggest strengths is being there when needed, but not intruding into people’s lives when their need has been fulfilled.

Through various events during 2012, the Bedford office have been able to donate a fantastic £2,947.70 which will support current patients and also provide support for families and friends, offering practical information as well as a willingness to listen to concerns and feelings and to share experiences. 

AuthorAtif Mahmood