David took up cycling in 2010, and his cycling highlight to date is seeing Danny Matthews fall off because he didn’t unclip his shoes (you had to be there). To date, he’s done a bit of commuting and his longest ride has been 70 miles.  David is slightly nervous about the distance, but his main concern is that his team won’t turn up. His day-to-day role will be to make sure that Danny actually finishes. He will also be the only one without a tan or a Buzz Lightyear helmet, and who hates lycra.

Danny was surprised to find himself as part of the team, but having extensively watched cycling on Eurosport and already brought a Buzz Lightyear matching helmet and glove set, he is ready to take on the Scottish hills. Team role: The serious good looking one who looks damn good in his Buzz Lightyear helmet.


Harry is taking part because spending a week in the saddle outside is a far more efficient way of working on his muscle definition and tan than cycling to the sunbed shop and back. His biggest concern is getting t-shirt tan lines – that would be a massive faux pas. Team role: Sun Cream Distribution and Application Technician.

Garrod has cycled a reasonably amount before, but he is by no means a cyclist and the furthest he has ridden is 70 miles. His best ride so far was to Windsor with a few friends, which has got him excited about the John O’ Groats ride and worried about the Scottish hills in equal measure. He’ll probably be struggling as much as the others, so hopes he can help keep spirits up… if only for his own benefit!

A last minute addition to the team, George last did proper exercise at school. Building up from the occasional bit of Boris biking, in the last few months he has graduated on to an arduous 10 mile commute on his new road bike. Safe to say, he’s got some training to do for the summer… With his less than extensive experience, he expects his team role to be as the glorified water boy.

Peter is looking forward to being part of the team for what he expects to be a huge challenge. He has completed two London-to-Brighton rides via several beer gardens but expects the Scottish hills to be in a different league. He recently bought his first road bike and, now he has figured out how the gears, work he is in serious training.