'The choice was between gambling or training - easy!'

Team (Not Very) P&C captain, 'Rugged', was in Vegas and sent in the following transatlantic report:

“This photo was taken at the entrance to Red Rocks Canyon, just outside Las Vegas last Friday at midday.  I was in Vegas following a late invitation to join a 9am pitch last Friday.  The meeting finished at 10.30am, the hotel slung me out at noon and the BA return flight to London leaves at 9pm.  The choice was between gambling or training - easy!  So I caught a cab to a bike shop (McGhie’s) on the outskirts of Vegas who fitted me with a bike, gave me a map and a route, lots of water and wished me luck.  Red Rocks is 10 miles outside of Vegas and as you can see I was pretty dishevelled by the time I go there – so much so I stood in front of the sign. 

“The temperature was over 100 degrees and the climb was nearly 1,000 meters and after two hours I’d had enough.  No water and no energy, I headed back.  Not surprisingly sleeping on the plane was not an issue until I woke up from the sunburn on my back and arms!”

AuthorPaul Hillier