'Barry', 'Mad Dog', 'Salad' and 'Pirate' after the ride 

'Barry', 'Mad Dog', 'Salad' and 'Pirate' (with special guest, Tuffs De France team member Jon ‘the Sussex Terrier’ Newman), competed in the Xchanging Cycle Challenge in the West Sussex South Downs on the 16th May.

 On a day when temperatures reached 25°c, the team covered 100 miles, with a total ascent of 5,000 feet that burned over 5,100 calories. This photo was taken at the end of the ride, showing us replacing the lost calories with some well deserved coffee and cake. (Not Very) P&C finished 9th out of 21 Teams.

 Performance notes:

 Ant ‘Barry’ Brooke:  Once he remembered ‘team orders’ and said goodbye to his new friends, clocked the best time for the team.

 Charlie ‘Mad Dog’ Gallannaugh: Still the most effortless up-hill rider of the team. Finished 2nd.

 Alistair ‘Salad’ Barrett: Nearly squashed by a tractor and needs to get his gears serviced.  An honourable 3rd.

 Mark ‘Pirate and ‘the longest I’ve rode before is 30 miles’ Colgate: Probably the first time anyone has strapped-up their dislocated finger before a bike ride and easily the best at going down-hill (clocked 49mph on a speed-camera). A gutsy 4th.

 Jon ‘the Sussex Terrier’ Newman: Second back for lunch (would’ve been first, but for a slight navigational issue), left us some sandwiches and wasn’t spotted in any pubs en-route!

AuthorPaul Hillier