The charity bike ride teams have been announced! Five teams of six people will take part. They are:

Velocitron: Paul Adams, Adam Rostron, Mark Jones, Richard Quy, Chris Brown and Greg Murray 

(Not Very) P&C: Barnaby Rugge-Price, Alistair Barrett, Mark Colgate, Charles Gallannaugh, Anthony Brooke and Chris Hopkins

Tuffs de France: Andrew Tuffield, Jonathan Newman, Neil Hanrahan, James Green, David Sharman and John Aspinall

Highly Geared: Andrew Gray, Richard Coulson, Alex Markwick, Carl Ellerington, Natasha Whewell and Charlie Hickman

FAC n’ Special: David Wall, Garrod Hill, Harry Cook, George Stagg, Danny Matthews and Peter Fitzsimmons.

You can find out more about each cyclist on the team pages.

AuthorPaul Hillier